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Whole Home Generators

Power outages can occur when you least expect them. Is your home equipped to handle the situation when you experience a prolonged loss of power? At AllureD Designs And Remodeling, we recommend the installation of whole home generators to support families during a power outage. We appreciate that a loss of power can be devastating for families that rely on electricity
for their essential needs, such as heating or even electricity-powered health equipment. We have a long experience serving the population of Charleston, South Carolina, with whole home generators installation and can provide the same service to your home.

What is a whole home generator?

Acting as backup generators, whole home generators convert fuel into electrical power. They are activated during a power outage, ensuring your family can be safe until the power is fully restored.

If you are not familiar with whole home generator installations, our team of fully trained and licensed specialists will be happy to guide you. We can help you understand the differences between different home generators:

  • Portable home generators
  • Home standby generators

Typically, for whole home needs, we proceed to a home standby generator installation, which will turn on automatically when the power goes out.