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Roof Repairs and Replacement

At AllureD Designs And Remodeling, we know that roofs have a lifespan of 30 to 60 years. However, we appreciate that many factors can affect your decision to seek roof repair or roof replacement services in Charleston, South Carolina.

Whether you are looking for repair, replacement, or even for a brand new roof, our team of experts is here to help.

Signs you need roof repair services

Sometimes, all your roof needs to feel like new again is a simple repair job. It can be tough for homeowners to figure out whether they need roof repair or roof replacement services. That’s why at AllureD Designs And Remodeling, we make sure to assess your roof condition at the start of every project.

Typically, you will need repair work on your roof for the following reasons:

  • A few broken or missing shingles
  • Minor leakage
  • Minor degradation
  • The roof’s general condition is still good
  • The roof is not old

Signs you need a new roof installation

When the damage to your roof is too consequent or when the roof is already old, we recommend a full or partial roof replacement. Typically, having a new roof installed is best suited to the following properties:

  • The roof has too many broken or missing shingles
  • The roof has major leaks or recurring small leaks that can’t be fixed
  • There are major stains on the roof
  • There are signs of severe damage from natural disasters or vandalism
  • The roof is already old

Our fully insured, licensed, bonded, and experienced team will make sure to maximize the value of your roof investment. You can rest assured that whether you need a new roof or roof repair works, AllureD  Designs  & Remodeling will keep your family home safe. Call to book an appointment.

Roof Repair Charleston SC